June 2019
Approval Rate:
100% (34 projects)
English - North America

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Life Before Becoming a Bunny Pro Writer

Just like building a house, you don’t start from the roof. From humble novice beginnings, Rachel worked her way up to become a Marketing and Communications Manager. She meandered through markets in Asia, the Middle East, and parts of Europe. Dabbling with content strategy, search engine optimization, and branding, the marketer developed creative content for corporate profiles, magazines, journals, press releases, websites, social media, and blogs.

10 years in, bouncing around from hectic team management to pitching new content, Rachel eventually got knackered from the rat race. She decided that life is too short and she wanted to channel her passion into the two fundamental things she loved, writing and globetrotting. So, she stepped down from the corporate chaos determined to become a traveling freelance writer. But the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. From bidding for low-paying jobs to futile chasing of payments, Rachel bumped around cluelessly, discovering that her newfound freedom wasn’t all that meets the eye. That is until she bumped into Bunny Studio!


It was turbulent before Bunny pro life. I thought I could just concentrate on what I loved to do most: write. But being a freelancer wasn’t as much a walk in the park but a roller-coaster ride in the whirlwind! I was owed up to a thousand dollars by clients who would just go poof in the digital space. Naturally, I was running out of steam and starting to doubt my capabilities.

The Frantic Search for the Freelance Holy Grail

As much as the world has become progressive, where you come from still matters to most. Despite having an international portfolio, a certification in creative writing, and a UK degree, Rachel found it difficult to apply for many writing platforms. Recruitment of only American and British nationalities limited her opportunities. One unexpected day, she came across Bunny Studio and applied. The love was mutual and Rachel soon became a tried and true Bunny Pro writer. 

A new day, a new place, a new project! Jungle in Sumatra or an alpaca farm in Switzerland, work is where her laptop and a stable Wi-Fi exists. When traveling is not an option, Rachel sets base in Singapore. Since her recruitment, she has written a wide spectrum of content including those on fashion, finance, health, and yes, even farming! Now, instead of spending her days pitching for projects, they come to her instead. 


To date, Rachel has worked with clients from all over the world including the US, Egypt, and Ethiopia. The best part? She’s just thankful that she can now kiss administrative tasks such as payment handling goodbye. She reviews that she now has a stable flow of projects coming her way, and, even returning clients. 



In my opinion, Bunny Studio gave me a new surge of motivation. Even though I had already built a small pool of regular clients on my own, I was always droning on about the same humdrum topics. Bunny Studio, threw me tons of curve ball challenges. It made my freelance career ever more fulfilling, and me, a more confident writer each time I accomplish another successful project.

Into the Bunny Studio Crystal Ball

In Rachel’s opinion, projects that allow some free reign of creative expression makes the job all the more colorful. Even though she is a versatile writer, she enjoys fusing current affairs and pop culture with her work. In addition, Rachel’s qualifications in biomedical sciences and nutrition also make her comfortable with writing on consumer healthcare topics. 

With a decade of roots in branding and marketing, Rachel tells us that the most important aspect of content marketing is understanding the audience. She says that only then will you be able to write in a language that resonates, compels, and speaks to their hearts. 

The quirky wordsmith with a creative wit is now one year in as our writer and going strong. She is also a regular contributor to the Bunny Studio blog. In the words of Stephen King, “The scariest moment is always just before you start.” Exciting as prospects are, Rachel still finds the start of each project the most daunting. But every hurdle she’s conquered has empowered her to reach greater limits and reaffirmed her passion for writing.